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About Us

In 2010 the concept of a Think Tank on gender in climate change in Agriculture in Africa (GECCAA) was ‘born’ by a group of Africa’s Scientists, to facilitate the generation and sharing of information and knowledge on gender in agriculture. Even with the passage of time, the issue of gender in climate change has remained relevant to Africa’s agricultural policy and development process, and the GECCAA Think Tank has been revived to address the glaring knowledge gap, while advancing the mission of the original initiators, some of whom have since passed on. 

GECCA Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

Vision: An informed and resilient agricultural system for Africa that integrates gender and climate change  

Mission: To generate, disseminate and support the use of information and knowledge data and information on gender, climate change and agriculture nexus for a sustainable agricultural system and better livelihoods in Africa   

Strategic Objectives: To support research, capacity building, advocacy and advisory services on gender, climate change and related disaster risk reduction (DRR)  in different agricultural systems in Africa

In July 2021, the GECCAA promoters agreed to rebrand to Gender Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa (GECCA), and have since; 

Registered GECCA as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda, 

Established a GECCA Interim Board which was inaugurated on 5th August 2021, 

Developed a GECCA Road Map (July-Dec 2021) that was approved by the Board, Agreed to establish a GECCA Secretariat in Uganda, and with an Acting Executive Secretary to steer the     inception activities.